Food Truck Feature: Eddie’s Pizza Truck

Eddies Pizza Feature ImageWhy wait for ‘Pizza Friday’ when you can have Pizza on Mondays!?

The Starrett-Lehigh Building has a great relationship with the NYC Food Truck Association. The building’s truck-sized freight elevators, able to bring food trucks to various floors, are often brought up in conversation. Yes, these large elevators have carried food trucks to every floor of the building at one time or another!

With its NYC Food Truck Association reciprocity, Starrett-Lehigh offers the tenants at this Chelsea office building a rotating weekly schedule of food trucks that park outside the iconic building on West 26th Street during lunch hours. Eddie’s Pizza Truck has become a staple to Monday’s Starrett-Lehigh food options.

Check out what Debbie of Eddie’s Pizza Truck told Starrett-Lehigh in the Q&A below:

How did Eddie’s Pizza Truck get its start?
The owner, Derek Kaye, grew up eating at Eddie’s Pizza restaurant in New Hyde Park and wanted to bring the pizza to Manhattan. Derek originally wanted to bring an Eddie’s Pizza restaurant to NYC but realized how difficult that was going to be. Instead, Derek decided to build a custom truck. It took about a year to build the truck and get everything together for our grand opening in June 2010. We’ve been going strong ever since.

What did you and Derek do before running the truck?
I was a teacher in Los Angeles for an elementary school. Derek was in the travel industry. I moved to New York for Derek after three years of long-distance dating. This all happened during the hiring freeze for teachers in NYC. It ended up being perfect timing. Derek wanted to open a truck, and because finding a teaching position in NYC was not an easy task, I gave up on looking for a teaching job to start Eddie’s Pizza Truck with Derek. Since moving to NYC and opening Eddie’s Pizza and Takumi Taco, Derek and I have gotten married.

Why did you choose pizza as your truck’s cuisine?
Pizza is Derek’s favorite food. My favorite food is cheese in general, which does include pizza!

Eddies Collage1What is your favorite item on the menu? Why?
My favorite item on the Eddie’s Pizza truck menu is the white arugula pizza. I like that there are only vegetables and arugula on the pizza, which are healthy. The added truffle oil makes it taste delicious. Derek’s favorite item is the Eddie’s Special – because it has everything on it.

How have things changed from when you started to now? Future plans?
Parking throughout NYC used to be much easier. Recently the city has made it very difficult for trucks to park anywhere. Still, Eddie’s Pizza Truck now has two trucks and one cart. We’ve also expanding our business to also include catering. We do lots of catering events! We do offer some other options on the catering menu that we do not offer day-to-day, like pesto pasta and baked ravioli. We do catering for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate parties, birthdays, reunions, etc. People can email for packages/pricing.

Fun Facts:

  • The biggest party we ever catered was 8,000 people!
  • The smallest party we ever catered was 8 people.
  • The most popular pizzas are pepperoni and margarita.
  • A personal cheese pie is only 270 calories.
  • To work on a mobile food truck, one must obtain a mobile food-vending badge, which takes about 4 months to get.

Eddies Collage2