How To Draw a Lion Fundraiser at Starrett-Lehigh

Attention #StarrettFamily: Two of our favorite things are coming to the building! Social Responsibility and art! Starrett-Lehigh is hosting an art gallery and auction to benefit How To Draw A Lion!

How to Draw a Lion is an art education program founded to provide art classes for children in poverty, raise money for their education in shows around the world, and to create awareness about child welfare and conservation. The program has taken shape around art classes for children in sub-Saharan Africa who ordinarily would not get to utilize their creative skills. Each piece brings with it the spirit and personality of the child who created it and the sale of the work raises funds for the organizations that support their education.

The Small Things’ priority is keeping families together, and our team works tirelessly to enable orphaned and vulnerable children to be reunited with family or adopted. The heart of our holistic model is the Family Preservation Program which helps these families create sustainable livelihoods through business training, microfinance grants and loans, mentoring, regular follow-up and ongoing access to capital as well as covering the children’s school fees.

On Friday, November 9, 5pm-8pm, tenants and the New York City community will be able to visit Suite 1810a to view and purchase pieces of art.

We will see you there!