Team Communication Classes

Communication is the key to having an efficient, successful, and happy team. Starrett-Lehigh is proud to partner with Hello Samo to bring intimate and complimentary communication sessions to the #StarrettFamily!

HELLOSAMO INC. is committed to empowering individuals and corporations to mindfully fulfill their mission and increase operational capacity. They provide transformational tools to aid their clients in being their best selves – balanced in life and more efficient at work. They make a difference in their lives, their relationships, and the world.

Monday, December 10th – 10am-6pm
Tuesday, December 11th – 10am-6pm

  • 15-minute meet and greet – SAMO will meet to discuss services and explore ways to work together
  • 30-minute (includes 15-minute meet and greet with small team exercise) – SAMO will work with up to 5 team members
  • 60-minute (includes 15-minute meet and greet with large team exercise) – SAMO will work with up to 10 team members
RSVP to schedule a time for SAMO come to your office:

SAMO (aka SAM ONG) is a communications coach with a deep desire to help people be fully self-expressed. Starting with the principle “what is unsaid is more important than what is said,” Sam masterfully facilitates team and individual transformation through transparent conversations. Formerly Chief Inspiration Officer for Shadow, Sam draws on his personal journey utilizing a vast arsenal of tools, which he tailors specifically to the needs of each client, to empower and deepen their connection and understanding. Sam leaves clients expanded, elevated and inspired.