How to Choose Sunscreen for Exercise

Summer’s here. Time for some fun in the sun. Well, maybe not so fast. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ 14th Report on Carcinogens, the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are human carcinogens. Doom aside, you can still enjoy outdoor activities, such as cycling, running, swimming, softball, and beach volleyball, as long  … Read more

Tommy Hilfiger’s 3-Day Sample Sale at Starrett-Lehigh

Celebrate “the essence of classic American cool style” with Tommy Hilfiger at their End of Summer Sample Sale! Snag some late summer items, as well as get a head start on padding your fall and winter closets. Sample Sale Location: The Starrett-Lehigh Building, Suite 410. A Starrett-Lehigh Building ID is required for entry. Dates & Times: Tues,  … Read more

Solo Retrospective Shows Coming to SVA’s Chelsea Gallery at Starrett-Lehigh this Fall

Mimicking the transition from summer to fall, the School of Visual Arts exhibitions at its Chelsea Gallery are also transforming! Starting on August 19, there will be two solo retrospectives honoring artist and illustrator, Marshall Arismna, and designer, Christoph Niemann. Each exhibition and its accompanying reception are both free and open to the public, just  … Read more

Happy 5-Year Anniversary to Takumi Taco and Starrett-Lehigh!

Takumi Taco has been located on the 17th floor of The Starrett-Lehigh Building since August 2012. Happy 5-year anniversary to Takumi Taco and Starrett Lehigh! Takumi in Japanese means Artisan. It is only fitting as its tacos are made in a traditional way using high quality ingredients. Try Takumi’s sensational spicy tuna taco, made with fresh ahi tuna, cucumber,  … Read more

Join SL Fitness on the Rooftop of Starrett-Lehigh for the Summer Sizzler

It has been one HOT summer in New York City and it’s about to get hotter at Starrett-Lehigh’s Summer Sizzler! What is The Summer Sizzler? It’s SL Fitness’ collection of fitness classes held on the rooftop of The Starrett-Lehigh Building! Classes include yoga, spinning, and exciting trial classes hand-selected by fitness manager, Linette Guelen. When:  … Read more

Running While Pregnant: Guest Post by SL Fitness Run Club Pacer, Justine Reyes

A lot of people are surprised that I work out while pregnant. Running is something I love to do and I didn’t want to stop running just because I was pregnant. Like anything else, I researched it and spoke with my health care providers; they assured me it was fine to continue exercising as long  … Read more

Keeping Things Fresh at Starrett-Lehigh

Starting July 24, Fresh & Co. will be extending its Pop-Up Residency at Fooda at Starrett-Lehigh. Popping up daily, Monday through Friday, you can now enjoy new Fresh & Co. Grab & Go options, starting at just $7! Keeping up with Starrett Lehigh’s constant hustle & bustle pace, Fresh & Co. will be providing a  … Read more

Starrett-Lehigh Welcomes Back Volunteers of America’s Operation Backpack

Volunteers of America is returning to Starrett-Lehigh this summer for their annual, and continuously successful, Operation Backpack®! Operation Backpack’s mission is to send every student currently living in a homeless or domestic violence shelter to school with a fully stocked backpack, raising their confidence and equipping them with the supplies needed to succeed in the  … Read more

Private Documentary Screening of HBO’s “Class Divide” at Starrett-Lehigh

How often is a popular and highly-acclaimed HBO documentary made about the neighborhood where you spend your working hours – and made by your neighbor who works in your office building? People who work in The Starrett-Lehigh Building are used to creativity at their front door, yet even for us this is exceptional! Directed by  … Read more

5 Tips for a Healthy Summer!

Summer is one of the magical times of year when the Earth expresses itself in so many creative ways! It’s a time of powering forward, embracing the warmth, and moving past the spring rain showers. Greenery has pushed its way up through the soil, animals have become more active, and flowers have fully opened to  … Read more