Starrett-Lehigh’s Zero Waste Goals

RXR Realty has some exciting waste reduction and diversion goals including: Achieve a portfolio wide landfill diversion rate of 40% by Year End 2019 Achieve a portfolio wide waste reduction of 10% by Year End 2020 (based on the 2019 baseline) We want the Starrett-Lehigh building to be a leader in NYC! To do this we need to reduce  … Read more

Starrett-Lehigh to Host 4th Annual EARTH (angel) HOUR with RXR Realty as Title Sponsor

The Starrett-Lehigh Building is thrilled to be joining forces with Earth Angel for the 4th Annual EARTH (angel) HOUR! The event is a tribute to the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour, a worldwide lights-off movement to unite people to protect the planet and raise awareness about the effects of climate change. Earth Hour was famously  … Read more

AHRC and Starrett-Lehigh

RXR Realty has made a commitment to supporting individuals who are less fortunate and need assistance in building job skills and job placement. The Starrett-Lehigh building has been working with AHRC New York City by partnering and supporting programs to help fulfill  their mission. AHRC New York City has an Employment and Business Services department  … Read more

Donate Your Plastic Bottles

Help Starrett-Lehigh and Dopper build a bridge to a plastic-free world! Every 30 seconds 25,000 P.E.T. bottles are purchased in the U.S. alone and they ultimately make their way to our oceans. Dopper’s dream is crystal clear water from every ocean to every tap. Which is why this year, Dopper Foundation is building bridges to  … Read more

A Year in Review: 2017

2017 was an amazing year for the Starrett-Lehigh Team. Our community hosted almost 30 events around social responsibility ranging from; sustainability, NYC carbon challenge, climate change, gentrification, Starrett-pride week, food, toy, book, and blood drives, celebrating national bike month, and charity dog adoptions. These initiatives gave us the opportunity to collectively share what is important  … Read more

The Rooftop Garden – The Origin Story

Starrett-Lehigh is dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible. To continue on the green path, we partnered with Action Carting to build a rooftop garden. The Rooftop Garden started as an idea and concept; how we took the concept and made it a reality is best explained in the below video.  If you  … Read more

Starrett-Lehigh Participates in the NYC Carbon Challenge

The Starrett-Lehigh Building not only strives to be New York City’s most sustainable building, but also strives to inspire others in real estate to follow suit. NYC Climate Week is the perfect time to do just that. In addition to hosting The Marketplace of the Future, Starrett-Lehigh spoke to commercial real estate owners and tenants  … Read more

Cross the Bridge to a Sustainable Future

When you’re thirsty, do you grab a plastic water bottle from the fridge or do you fill a reusable bottle with tap water? Dopper hopes you do the latter. Dopper is a social enterprise whose mission is to live in a world where people are aware of the environment, where we actively reduce single-use plastic  … Read more

Closing The “Class Divide”

Last week, in front of over 120 engaged, energetic, and incredible people, three stories wrapped themselves together to start something new. It is not quite clear yet what this new story will become, but you can help write it. This first story is about a few members of the Centre for Social Innovation and residents of the  … Read more

GreenHomeNYC Tours Starrett-Lehigh’s Rooftop Garden

As many of you are aware by now, The Starrett-Lehigh Building is a community-focused commercial real estate building which recognizes the importance of being an energy efficient building. In this spirit, the building management team is experimenting and learning about community supported agriculture and rooftop gardening to compliment the building’s sustainability goals and socially responsible,  … Read more

Check Out the BuddhaBooth Newsletter

The Starrett-Lehigh Management Team is constantly exploring new ways to help its tenants be more productive and create the right balance in the work place. Corporate Wellness Programs have been around for a long time; as a landlord, Starrett-Lehigh sees value in supporting companies and employees from a whole building perspective. One way is creating  … Read more