Starrett-Lehigh 2016 Sustainability Initiatives

When RXR Realty acquired The Starrett Lehigh Building in 2011, the company embarked on a multi-million dollar capital improvement program. The company set out to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of critical operating systems.

Starrett-Lehigh’s new steam infrastructure is more resilient, efficient, and safer. System upgrades and repairs included changes to the boiler controls, steam risers, condenser water riser, networked electric sub-meters, wireless temperature sensors, and wireless heat valves.

RXR provided Starrett-Lehigh with a complete LED lighting upgrade and a new fiber riser and wireless infrastructure. The 3-year, $23 Million double-pane window replacement program at Starrett-Lehigh is one of the largest window replacement projects of its kind in the United States. The program is assisting RXR’s goals in meeting the demands of its tenants while making the 2.3 million square foot landmark building more energy efficient.

The multi-tiered, integrated strategy being implemented at Starrett-Lehigh focuses on Energy ConservationSustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility through the following initiatives:
· Installation of a Rooftop Garden with composing and a renewable energy source – in partnership with Stewardship Farms
· Participation in the NYC Zero Waste Challenge
· West Chelsea Energy Alliance, encompassing the entire Chelsea neighborhood

RXR Realty is transforming the iconic Starrett-Lehigh Building, a legendary New York City property, by transforming the future of its neighborhood as a major player in the West Chelsea community.

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