Starrett-Lehigh Joins Red Nose Day

Wear your nose together with Starrett-Lehigh and get your colleagues to take a selfie. Do you think that’s impossible? – Nope! We’ve already done it! Join the FUN-raising event of the year and get seriously silly for Red Nose Day!

It’s amazing how a little money can make huge changes to people’s lives. Starrett-Lehigh encourages its tenants, visitors, family, and friends to participate. Let’s make this day more special for kids in need and let’s make them smile!

There are all different ways to donate on May 26th. Here are some tips and ideas for Red Nose Day:

  • Wear your ‘nose’
  • Let your managers participate in WATCH YOUR MOUTH: If you say it – pay it! Have fun and add words/sayings like a colleague’s name, a competitor, or the expression that’s on everyone’s lips. Every time someone says one of the words, they add $1 into the jar.
  • Share your photos on Twitter @RedNoseDayUS and/or Instagram @RedNoseDayUSA and hashtag #RedNoseDay

This year Starrett-Lehigh has set a Fundraising Goal is $2,000. Should you wish to donate in person rather than online, donation buckets are stationed in the Starrett-ehigh lobby, at Training C.A.M.P. Performance Center (Floor 2M), and in the RXR Building Management Office (Suite M265).

You can purchase a ‘nose’ in Walgreens or grab a FREE one at the concierge desk in the Starrett-Lehigh lobby while the supply lasts!

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