Waste Removal/Recycling & Composting Program at Starrett-Lehigh

A recent facility management meeting at Starrett-Lehigh was help to review the new NYC Department of Sanitation (DOS) guidelines.

In order to educate tenants, Starrett-Lehigh’s Property Management team complied a panel of speakers from DOS, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Starrett-Lehigh’s carting vendor, and the building’s composting partner. The group discussed DOS regulations, providing building tenants with information about composting and recycling programs.

“We would like to thank every single Starrett-Lehigh tenant for participating in Recycling Programs. We are happy to tell you that our building is recognized by our neighbors and serves as an example for our entire community [for recycling and composting]. We recently won Operating Building of the Year award largely in part to your collaboration, help, and support.” – Mitchell Grant, RXR Realty Operations Manager at Starrett-Lehigh

The new recycling laws go into effect this August. These rules are being implemented as a result of the city’s goal for zero waste.

Guests of RXR Realty who visited Starrett-Lehigh:
Sarah Currie-Halpern – Senior Policy Advisor, Zero Waste Program NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability
Brett Mons – Senior Manager, Commercial Programs Bureau of Recycling & Sustainability
Christian Morgan – Facilities Manager, Action Carting
Peter Pirrello – Account Manger, Action Carting
Vandra Thorburn – Vokashi Composting

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