OXO Wall of Gloves

OXO makes well-designed, affordable, and convenient housewares. The company, founded in 1990, is “dedicated to providing innovative consumer OXO Wall of Glovesproducts that make everyday living easier.” Today they offer more than 850 products that are sold in prominent retail stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and Williams-Sonoma.

Their excellence in design has been recognized with over 150 design awards as well as inclusion in the permanent collections of museums worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The “Glove Wall” is a powerful symbol that adorns OXO’s headquarters in Chelsea, New York City. It is a collection of over 100 gloves that employees have found discarded throughout the city. President Alex Lee hangs the gloves to the wall as a reminder of how important it is to consider all users when designing and developing tools to suit their varied needs.OXO Wall of Gloves

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