Claim Your Calm with BuddhaBooth at Starrett-Lehigh

and BuddhaBooth are pleased to announce a joint commitment to help you Claim your Calm in 2017 by providing tenants access to portable quiet spaces.

As we launch a new year with wellness at the forefront of our minds, Starrett-Lehigh invites you to join the journey to becoming  WELL Certified™. In other words, creating an even more enjoyable environment that inspires you to be more creative, conquer more goals, and truly thrive.

Sensory overload is inescapable these days. Open offices, packed trains, even over-crowded yoga classes can be tough to take. Fending off buzzing phones, flickering lights, jolting sounds and the general bustle of our environments can drain our precious energy with each irrelevant stimulus. Making headway with our tasks, becomes a chore. And we wonder why we’re exhausted.

Lack of privacy has become the new normal, leaving many of us with a longing to retreat in silence for meditation, prayer, or just to catch our breath.

What do you do?
Where do you go?

Fortunately, you can now find a private escape at Starrett-Lehigh. For the last year, BuddhaBooth has been positively impacting the business performance of its many clients by providing a space to reflect and gain clarity. With a minimal footprint (42”x 59”) and split-structure design, the BuddhaBooth is small enough to feel enveloped yet spacious enough to relax.

Beginning Tuesday, January 17 you will be able to experience a calming BuddhaBooth first hand! You can witness the uniquely insulated curved design, feel the luxuriously upholstered interior and thanks to the 5-layer sound insulation, you can experience virtual silence as you step into the mindfully crafted space.

Thanks to recent scientific studies, we know without a doubt that taking a few minutes every day to sit in a quiet space can change the way we work. Benefits, including mental clarity, increased productivity and a heightened sense of wellness, start to emerge in as little as five minutes.  Whether to daydream, reflect on life, meditate, breathe, or twiddle your thumbs, we know you’ll be feeling better than ever.

As part of Starrett-Lehigh’s commitment to creating a space for working WELL, BuddhaBooth, your Om away from home, is an option that can immediately help improve the way you feel.

You deserve a quiet, private space. Claim your Calm in your home, office, studio, or at your next event. Feel free to join BuddhaBooth any day on the third floor at the Centre for Social Innovation.

Get clear.
Claim your calm with BuddhaBooth®.