Starrett-Lehigh Town Hall

Attention #StarrettFamily!

Starrett-Lehigh has been a hub of activity lately, from renovations, new construction, new recycling and composting guidelines, and more. New tenants are moving in, and things are ever-changing for those who’ve been here for years. New spaces in the building will be opening, like the retail space on the ground floor, and construction is going to soon begin in our lobby.

We want to hear from every tenant about their building experience, and keep everyone up to date on how we’re constantly striving to improve Starrett-Lehigh.

On Wednesday, July 31st, the property management team is hosting a Town Hall in the 9th Floor Truck Bay at 12 PM, noon.

We would love to have a representative from each company present, so every tenant will be as up to date as possible on the changes and updates in the building.

Please contact the property management office with any questions or concerns.