Close Out Climate Week at Starrett-Lehigh!

Welcome to the Marketplace of the Future, the official closing ceremony for the 11th annual Climate Week NYC!

When we look into the future, we see a time past the challenges of the Climate Crisis, a time in which circular economies, renewable energy, and sustainable systems are the norm.

It is in this spirit that we bring you the Marketplace of the Future, an experiential immersion into what life will be like when all organizations are working for the betterment of people and planet. The Marketplace of the Future is a cross between a celebration and market showcasing 40+ start-ups that operate with sustainable supply chains, give-back models, and social benefit at their core. There will be live jazz, zero-waste food and drinks, and of course, climate change camaraderie.

Starrett-Lehigh is proud to host this exciting close to Climate Week NYC 2019 on Friday, September 27, 12-9pm in Suite 1505! 

Program Schedule:
12pm – 6pm: Free Marketplace: museum, workshops, expo
6pm – 9pm: $20 Marketplace: museum, workshops, expo, open bar, Cabot grilled cheese, guest speakers, stargazing, giveaways