Free Delivery from Avocaderia!

We want to give a warm “hello” to our Starrett Lehigh community!
Since we’re so in love with our fellow Chelsea neighbors, we decided to plant our first “Avocaderia Tree” here, right at the Property Management Office on 2M!
Starting Wednesday 10/2, you can access our full menu and make your order online at
Simply choose from an array of colorful avocado bowls, toasts, or build your own dish, and put down Starrett Lehigh as your location.
Get your order in before 11am, and we’ll have it ready by 12pm!
Plus, no delivery fees! As an extra bonus, get 20% off your first order with code “TREE”.
Our inspiration falls under one simple equation:
Simple Recipes = Good Food
Our menu is full of fresh, nourishing ingredients to keep your belly happy and put a smile on your face.
We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality foods and use non-invasive cooking techniques to keep produce looking and tasting great.
We can’t wait for you to log in this Sep-timber and check our Avocaderia Tree out-no twigs attached! (PS-how many tree puns did you catch here?! We like to keep it sappy!)