New Healthy Options at SL!

You can never have too many food options at Starrett-Lehigh and we are hoping you’ll take advantage of our newest healthy options provided by My Fresh Bowl!

Located in the 26th Street Corridor, the #StarrettFamily will now find a vending machine serving fresh food daily!

How Machine Works:
1. Tap Screen to start
2. Choosing your item:
• Filter option by type at the bottom (i.e. breakfast, bowl, salad, snack)
• Press photo for more information (i.e. ingredients, nutrition facts, description)
3. Add item(s) to the cart by clicking “add”
• If you would like to add more than one, press “+” to add another quality. If you would like to remove an item/quantity press “-”
4. Check out:
• Press “cart” at the bottom of the screen to continue to check out.
• If you have a promo code type your code or phone number in the box and add by pressing “+”
• Finish order by pressing checkout and using desired payment method

My Fresh Bowl accepts credit and debit cards with magnetic strips (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover), Apple Pay (does not accept AMEX), and Contactless Card Payments (does not accept AMEX). 

On your way out of the building, we hope you will return the jar to further our Zero-Waste sustainability efforts. 

To Return a Jar:
• Scan barcode with the scanner located on the right side of the machine.
• Follow instructions on screen below scanner
• Door will unlock, place jar in cabinet and close the door
• Enter phone number to receive code for $2 off your next meal!

When does the fresh fun start? On Monday, October 7! Additionally, My Fresh Bowl will be introducing themselves to the #StarrettFamily on Oct 7 & 8 with free samples in the lobby, 9am-3pm, while supplies last.