Spotlight on Breather

#StarrettSpotlight Need a place to take a conference call? Looking for a meeting space for that next brainstorm session? Just want to get away from your co-workers, put your head down, and be productive? Look no further Starrett-Lehigh. The latest New York City Breather was just added to the building – and the views from  … Read more

5 Minutes with Shelley Palazzolo

Shelley Palazzolo is a Product Engineer for OXO Tot. When at Starrett-Lehigh you can usually find this southern-bell-turned-city-girl practicing yoga at the Under Armour Performance Center, walking Starrett-Lehigh’s spacious hallways carrying homemade baked goods and a coffee beverage, or working hard at OXO’s office in Suite 1050. Get to know Shelley a little better in  … Read more

Yoga for the Working Soul

Working at a desk job can wreak havoc on our bodies. With the many hours most of us spend sitting at a computer, our bodies can start to tighten and ache. Fortunately there are things we can do to help our muscles and relieve aches and pains. Here are a few yoga moves for those  … Read more

Spotlight on Smart Design

#StarrettSpotlight Why just design when you can ‘Smart Design?’ Have you taken a ride in the newly designed NYC taxi cars? If so, you’ve probably noticed the “T” logo on the cabs rather than the full “taxi” name. Most of the new taxi cars have sliding doors for easier access, moon roofs to better see  … Read more

5 Minutes with Vanessa DeLeon

Vanessa DeLeon is the Owner and Interior Designer of Vanessa DeLeon Associates. Her modern and stylized interiors incorporate classic décor, specializing in high-end residential homes, commercial venues, and hospitality facilities. Vanessa is a member of a number of design associations, has been featured on a variety of television shows, and even developed a signature design style  … Read more

#BestOfStarrett Instagram Challenge Winners!

What makes The Starrett-Lehigh Building so great? You showed us! The #BestOfStarrett Instagram Challenge received over 500 submissions, and winners are getting $50 gift cards to a local establishment of their choice! Even though the competition has closed, Starrett-Lehigh followers have continued to use the #BestOfStarrett hashtag. In an effort to become Insta-famous, you were encouraged to share  … Read more

5 Fun Facts About the Starrett-Lehigh Building, NYC’s Oldest “Modern” Building

Sitting atop the freight transport center of the city is one of New York City’s oldest ‘modern’ buildings. The Starrett-Lehigh Building on West 26th Street was built in 1931 as a transportation and distribution center for the Starrett real-estate interests and the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Casting an unconventional shadow against the clunky grey buildings around it, the Starrett-Lehigh’s famous floor-to-ceiling windows  … Read more

Spotlight on Lost and Found Props

#StarrettSpotlight Are you interested in objects, textiles, art, and design? Perhaps you should work in a prop house. There are approximately 15 prop houses in New York City and one of them just so happens to sit on the 4th floor of The Starrett-Lehigh Building. Lost and Found Props is following the Starrett-Lehigh motto of  … Read more

Starrett-Lehigh Sports Drive Reaches Bronx School

  ‘”Will you protect this house!? I WILL!!,” shouted 125 grade-schoolers at PS 109 in the Bronx. The Under Armour slogan became a schoolyard chant for much of the day on April 30th. Under Armour and RXR Realty visited PS 109 for a morning of learning and teambuilding as part of the Starrett-Lehigh Sporting Goods  … Read more

Spotlight on The Players’ Tribune

Looking for raw, authentic, and personal sports content you can’t find anywhere else? Look no further than the 14th floor of The Starrett-Lehigh Building! Former Yankee Captain Derek Jeter has taken on a new endeavor: The Players’ Tribune. A first-of-its-kind digital media company, The Players’ Tribune is changing the rules in the media sphere and  … Read more