Climate Week 2019

When Friday, September 27th began over the Pacific Ocean and East Asia, people were already out, participating in Climate Week marches. As the day spread across the world, millions and millions more joined them, until an estimated 7.6 million people had come out to march for a clean, green world without fossil fuels. Their goal was to raise awareness to world leaders about the harmful effects of climate change, and promote swift, decisive action.

In the United States alone, more than 800 marches and events were planned for the day. The Starrett-Lehigh Building was lucky enough to host the closing ceremony of Climate Week NYC, in partnership with The Climate Group.

The event, called Marketplace of the Future, was announced at the Climate Week NYC Press Briefing on September 18th, at the Starrett-Lehigh Building. Property Manager Mitchell Grant provided opening remarks. Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group, discussed the youth movement and themed events for the upcoming week. Dan Zarrilli, New York City’s Chief Climate Policy Advisor of the Mayor’s Office, spoke about pressing issues facing the globe and NYC. Devi Palanivelu of the United Nations Sustainable Development Section was also present to round out the briefing, along with other key participants.

The Marketplace of the Future event, on September 27th, told the story of New York City, 100 years from now. Present technologies were presented like ancient artifacts in a museum exhibition, while modern, clean, and futuristic inventions took the floor. The marketplace was part exhibit, part bazaar, and part celebration of the future. A fully electric Jaguar took center stage to highlight a future world not dependent on fossil fuels. The event included zero-waste catering, live music, guest speakers, and many passionate vendors that aligned with the sustainable, green message.

The marketplace, as well as the events all around the planet, were about bringing awareness to sustainability and climate change. Without big, influential changes, we may never get to see a world with all electric cars on our highways, or 100% sustainable energy, independent of coal or fossil fuels. But the events, and the week, also highlighted how many people are willing to do their best to make a change. Millions of people want to be better and be part of the solution to make our world more sustainable. The Starrett-Lehigh Building got to play a small part in in 2019, and we hope to continue to contribute even more in the future.

MOTF 2019 from Future Meets Present on Vimeo.