RXR Realty and Con Edison Host West Chelsea Energy Alliance Discussion at Starrett-Lehigh

RXR Realty and Con Edison hosted an energy luncheon and discussion panel on May 19, 2016 for landlords and building owners in the West Chelsea Community. The event showed how financial incentives from Con Edison and NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) can offset the cost of significant energy efficiency improvements.

The speakers at the event:
· Dave Pospisil – Program Manager, Commercial Energy Efficiency
Explained how taking advantage of these incentives like RXR Realty can make a meaningful difference in the overall electrical distribution Con Edison manages
· Sim Zirkiyev – Manager, Demand Response from Con Edison
Explained how participants in the program can earn up to $18,000 each year for every 100kW of load relief provided.
· Mitchell Grant – Operations Manager of RXR Realty
Explained its ongoing energy retrofits to The Starrett-Lehigh Building, including demand response enablement and extensive lighting and HVAC upgrades. These projects, being completed with the help of Boon Energy, are expected to save 1MW+ of energy demand for The Starrett-Lehigh Building alone this year.

RXR Realty, having enrollment in the Con Edison and NYSERDA programs, shared its stories, experiences, and lessons learned as a Con Edison customer. Through these energy conservation measures RXR Realty has taken the next step and is now focused on a number of sustainability initiatives.

RXR Realty discussed its vision for a West Chelsea Energy Alliance, a community-based organization focusing on sharing best practices for sustainability, energy conservation, and corporate social responsibility. By embracing energy efficiency improvements and participating in Demand Response, the alliance’s goal is to make the West Chelsea Community a more resilient and responsible leader who gives back to the community and supports the creative energy West Chelsea offers.

The West Chelsea Energy Alliance is in the early stages of formation. RXR Realty’s Starrett-Lehigh will be sharing the progress and stories that come along with creating this community alliance. For anyone interested in learning more about the West Chelsea Energy Alliance, Starrett-Lehigh will be providing more information about the Alliance’s benefits, goals, and objections in the upcoming weeks.

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