Starrett-Lehigh’s Zero Waste Goals

RXR Realty has some exciting waste reduction and diversion goals including:

  • Achieve a portfolio wide landfill diversion rate of 40% by Year End 2019
  • Achieve a portfolio wide waste reduction of 10% by Year End 2020 (based on the 2019 baseline)

We want the Starrett-Lehigh building to be a leader in NYC! To do this we need to reduce the amount of recyclables in our trash (i.e. divert most recyclables from landfill and incineration) and we need to throw away less. A great way to help move the needle is to move trash into clear blue bags so that we can see what is in the trash.

All metal, glass, hard plastic, and beverage cartons, as well as paper and cardboard should be in clear recycle bags. Trash including foam, film plastic, plant debris, food and organic material (except if it goes in to an organics collection program), and other non-recyclables, should now go into clear blue bags.

Lastly, compostable items should be in the proper bins for collection for the composting program.

Check out our short video clip to see what this looks like in action!