Starrett’s Buzz is Getting Louder!

Spring is an exciting time in nature and the Starrett-Lehigh Building is bringing some nature to our tenants. Bees are under a great deal of stress in the current ecosystem. SLB is doing our part to ensure the bees have a fighting chance to pollinate and keep our ecosystem vibrant and alive. For a second year, we are partnering with Brooklyn Grange with a mission of supporting two hives this year. Last year, even with a late start, we successfully had our inaugural harvest of honey. Our goal this year is to more than double our production of honey and let the Sisterhood of the Working Bees thrive on our rooftop garden.

This past week the additional bees arrived in cardboard containers. Each container held around 8,000 bees. Geraldine and Danielle, our friends and bee keepers, dropped them off and let them stay in their containers for a few days to settle in. They came back to transfer the bees to their permanent home in our garden. Our hope is that in late July we will have our second honey harvest!

We will continue to share our story as it unfolds in the coming months.

From our Family to yours!